Practical Catia

We're sorry to announce that our FREE Catia V5 software offer has come to an end.  As of April 1st, IBM discontinued the policy of supplying temp licenses for students.  

When you sign up for one of my Catia V5 classes, you will receive, FREE OF CHARGE, a fully functional, "time-restricted" version of the Catia V5 software for installation on your home or office computer ***.  

Catia V5 will work with any of the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Version 4.0 with Service Pack 4 or later

  • Windows 2000 Professional

  • Windows XP "Home"

  • Windows XP "Pro"
    (March 21, 2002-- Catia V5 obtains "Designed for Microsoft Windows XP" Logo)

Minimum system requirements:

  • 266 MHz Pentium or Celeron processor (366 or greater preferred)

  • 128mg RAM (256 or greater preferred)

  • 2 mg graphics card (32 or greater preferred)

You will also need an Network (Ethernet) card.  If you don't already have one, I strongly recommend the Compex UE202-A 10/100 USB Network Adapter available at   Based on my own experience, I highly recommend this top-rated online merchant.

Need RAM?  Here's where I buy mine:

*** This is a limited time offer, first come, first serve.